For the last several years, I have had many law firms inquire about purchasing my domain name PERRYLAW.COM


I am a retired attorney who practiced for over 20 years, and although the website has not been updated in over a decade, I continue to use as my primary server for a host of other websites and email accounts.  Furthermore, has always been and continues to be my primary email address server.


It is for these reasons that I have always been reluctant to give the domain name up, if for nothing else than the major inconvenience of switching my decades old online identity to a new email.


However, based on the recent interest many of you have shown, I am willing to consider giving up the domain.  However, it is going to need to be worth my while, time, and inconvenience.  Otherwise, I might as well keep it and continue to use it.  I am not trying to hold anyone's feet over the fire here.  But you must understand what a major pain in the posterior this would be for me.


Since retiring from the law, I have been teaching digital media and law, and I therefore understand the increasing importance of a branded online presence.  This is a choice domain for the right firm, and it could serve some of you very well as a point of first contact for potential clients.


With all this in mind, if you are still interested in acquiring this domain, email the above address with your name, address, and an firm offer, and it will be considered.  Do not bother looking at online appraisal sites to come up with a number.  They are rarely accurate, and quite frankly, do not take into account the uniqueness of this domain or its value in the legal world.